Car Leasing Web Service Mobile App

Allow your users to find their new car via our new mobile app, sitting right on top of your webservice.

What does it do?

Naglotech have created a state of the art quotation app for the car leasing industry. The system can be fully customised with your corporate colours and logo. It provides a car configurator that can reference CAP data. The system is ready to connect directly to a quotation XML webservice, which most leasing companies already have in place. Naglotech can also provide everything required to enable your business to quote directly in realtime should you not already have a web service ready to go.

Who wouldn’t want to shop for lease cars from the comfort of their sofa?

You have probably already realised that the majority of your users are accessing your car quotation website via mobile browsers (Mobile Safari, Mobile Android) and, why wouldn’t they? The Naglotech Car Leasing App allows you to provide a branded app free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

So, how does it look?