Naglotech are a UK based Managed Service Provider (MSP) established in 2004 who specialise in providing IT solutions for businesses. ~The services we provide are bespoke development, cloud solutions, datacentre solutions and IT Support for the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

About Naglotech

Established in 2004, Naglotech was launched by a team of experts to address limitations within the development and hosting aspects to the IT industry. Bringing together developers and engineers under one roof has enabled Naglotech to become a forward thinking MSP (Managed Service Provider) to our clients.

  • Naglotech are proactive


  • Naglotech are adaptable


  • Naglotech aren't afraid to get hands on

    Hands On

  • Naglotech has a can-do attitude

    Can Do

  • A breath of fresh air

    Naglotech has continuously helped to breathe new life into both the SME market and the Managed Services sector. It is a mission that it has tirelessly worked towards, and ultimately has been able to deliver to its ever growing and loyal band of satisfied customers.

  • Few and far between

    Naglotech is one of very few companies that can boast that we provide both development and hosting on our own site. This means we are fully in control of the overall solution at all times. 365 days a year, 24/7. So, if a customer should ever have a problem, it lies firmly in our secure and very capable hands.

  • Experience is everything

    One of Naglotech's major strengths is its experience. Its team have many years of working within a broad range of business environments, which they continually enhance and draw from in order to help its customers get the most from their available IT resources.

  • IT really works

    Naglotech's aim is to make Information Technology really work hard for its customers, so that it delivers the maximum potential and fully compliments their on-going business.

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