Empowering Your Data's Future:

Secure, Reliable, 24/7 Data Centre Services

Your Digital Fortress

A data centre serves as the fortified home for your software and websites' servers.

With unwavering security and continuous operation, our data centres at Telehouse North and City Lifeline ensure your digital assets are safeguarded around the clock.

Elevate Your Infrastructure

Colocation offers you the opportunity to rent space for servers and hardware in a cutting-edge data centre environment.

Transitioning your IT systems off-site grants you a secure haven for your equipment, alleviating the challenges of on-site hosting.

Advanced Hosting

From Virtual Servers to Dynamic Cloud Servers and Dedicated Managed Servers, all solutions are nestled within state-of-the-art data centres.

Unlock the power of seamless performance and security, with special offers on DELL servers.

Pioneering Solutions

Experience Windows-based Web Hosting with Plesk, featuring choices of MSSQL and MySQL back ends.

Our hosting services, stationed at Telehouse North and City Lifeline, ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Your Safety Net

Though not the most glamorous, data backup is undeniably critical.

Whether it's user errors, internal actions, or cyber threats, your data's integrity is preserved.

Onsite servers are replicated onsite and offsite, enabling swift restoration in the event of disruptions.

An Essential Shield

Backing up your Microsoft 365 accounts is paramount.

With a user's accidental deletion or a security breach looming, a third-party backup ensures data remains intact.

Data Centre Excellence

Discover colocation and Managed Dedicated Servers hosted in London's premier data centres – Telehouse North and City Lifeline.

Our choice of location is strategic; with the UK's internet backbone in London, we ensure optimal performance and unmatched reliability for our clients.

As a respected source for global data centre news, information, and a comprehensive industry directory, DATACENTRE.ME is the definitive resource for all things Data Centres. Join us there for insights that shape the industry's future.

Embrace the future of data security and performance with Naglotech's Data Centre Services. Contact us to fortify your digital assets and elevate your IT capabilities today.