Comprehensive IT Support

Services for Seamless Operations

We provide all-around tech help to keep your business running smoothly. Welcome to Naglotech, where we take good care of your tech needs. Our services make sure your systems work well and are ready to grow while staying safe.

PC and Mac Support

Support for all your devices.

Efficient Ticketing System and Monthly Reports

We fix problems right away and keep an eye on how your tech is doing. We send you a report every month to show you how it's doing and where it can get better.

Comprehensive Inventory Survey

Detailed insight into your IT assets.

Continuous Monitoring and Alerting

24/7/365 monitoring. If there's a problem, we find it and fix it before it causes trouble.

Asset and Warranty Management

Manage your IT assets and warranties, including software licenses.

Unlimited Helpdesk Support

Our dedicated helpdesk team is ready to assist you whenever you need it. No limits, just uninterrupted support.

Proactive Infrastructure Maintenance

Our Remote Management and Monitoring Tool identifies and addresses issues before they impact you.

Office 365 Expertise

We handle everything from user mailboxes to SharePoint management and security settings.

Emergency Support & Virus Removal + Data Recovery & PC/Server Repair

If something goes wrong, we'll make it right and get your tech back to normal. We'll also help you get your important data back if it gets lost.

We offer escalating tiers of support, including Business and Premium plans, ensuring your unique needs are met.


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    Remote IT Support

    PC & Mac Support

    Tickets and Monthly Reports

    Free Inventory Survey

    Asset Management

    Warranty Management

    Unlimited IT Support via our Helpdesk

    Proactive Infrastructure Maintenance

    Emergency IT Support

    Microsoft 365 Suite and Email Support

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Get in touch for prices & a comprehensive FREE audit

    Everything from Business PLUS:

    Cyber Essentials Plus Standard Compliance

    Monthly Support Report

    Virtual Chief Technology Officer

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Our expertise, dedication, and personalised approach ensure that your systems are not just functional, but optimised. Contact us today.