Naglotech LTD

Naglotech are a UK based Managed Service Provider (MSP) established in 2004 who specialise in providing IT solutions for businesses. ~The services we provide are bespoke development, cloud solutions, datacentre solutions and IT Support for the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market.

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About Naglotech

Established in 2004, Naglotech was launched by a team of experts to address limitations within the development and hosting aspects to the IT industry. Bringing together developers and engineers under one roof has enabled Naglotech to become a forward thinking MSP (Managed Service Provider) to our clients.

  • Naglotech are proactive


    When we manage your services, our main goal is up time and performance. Our engineers are constantly monitoring and protecting your services.

  • Naglotech are adaptable


    Deadlines are crucial to our clients, even when they are sooner than we would all like. Our team have a vast experience of projects and will work with you to make sure your deliverable is ready on time.

  • Naglotech aren't afraid to get hands on

    Hands On

    Naglotech are working towards ISO 27001 accreditation and as such will engage our customers directly in the decision making and reporting where appropriate.

  • Naglotech has a can-do attitude

    Can Do

    Our staff like a challenge and will always go the extra mile for you. Tell us your business ideas and let them become a reality.

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